Introduction to Service Productization

Scaling an MSP is a challenge, and the main problem is how to develop scalable services. If you think you’re suffering from the problems listed below, the webinar can help clear it up:

  • I keep needing to renegotiate my offering with clients, because I give more and more and their invoice stays the same
  • Even though we’ve established internal processes, people don’t always follow them and we find ourselves in a firefighting mode most of the time
  • I have no structure to work on my business; I am working for the business most of the time
  • I have difficulty growing my business and differentiating my offering
  • The sales process is too long; it takes weeks or even months to close deals
  • I feel my offering is losing relevance; I’m looking for a way to keep it current.

Introduction to Service Productization webinar
on the 28th of February, 9 am Eastern Time (EU, US East Coast)

on the 28th of February, 6 pm Eastern Time (AU, US West Coast)

We quickly go through some of the following items about how productization of MSP services helps

  • scaling the MSP business
  • differentiate your offering
  • get more and better qualified leads
  • close deals faster
  • structure your team to work on your business
  • grow your company